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Based in Mervue, and caring for patients from all over Galway city and county, including Renmore, Wellpark, Ballybane, Merlin Park, Doughiska, Roscam, Oranmore, Claregalway and beyond.


  • We provide a comprehensive range of General Practice services in a calm and comfortable environment.


  • Patient records are fully computerised and stored in accordance with legal and data protection guidelines.


We have three female general practitioners Dr Niamh O Brien, Dr Vasudha Lakhera and Dr Aoife Jackson. We provide both private and GMS (medical card) service.


When you or your family member is sick, it is important to have a thorough check with an experienced doctor.  We are here to assess and examine you, to provide the diagnosis, your treatment plan and give you the reassurance that you require.


We are trained and regularly updated on the most recent evidence-based guidelines in the management of chronic illness and disease. We will work with you the patient to achieve your treatment goals.  Our work for you will include referral to specialist consultants and clinics and liaising with specialists on your behalf to ensure you receive the best of care.


We see and treat a range of minor injuries (sprains, cuts and knocks).  We treat skin lacerations with skin glue should it be required.  This is a particularly useful option for children as it is minimally invasive.


We provide free cervical screening (smear tests) through CervicaCheck (details at  It is recommended that all women have a cervical screening test (Smear Test) every three years from age 25 to 49 and every five years from age 50 to 64.  The risk of developing cervical cancer can be significantly reduced by having regular screening.


Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life.  We provide free Antenatal Care that is shared with the Maternity Departments in local hospitals (University Hospital Galway, Portiuncula Hospital Ballinasloe, Mayo General Hospital).  Our aim is to meticulously support and care for you during your pregnancy and postnatally. You can be assured that no concern that you might have is too trivial and we are here to look after you and your baby from conception to postnatally and beyond.


We understand the complexities of women’s health and are dedicated to providing individually tailored testing, treatment and advice for women of all ages, in an open, friendly and supportive environment. We cover the full range of women’s health issues from contraception and reproduction, to sexual health and gynaecology.


There are many different family planning methods available to choose from. Not all methods will suit everyone, but there will be one to suit you. It is important to talk to your doctor if you are interested in any form of contraception. We are trained and experienced in the insertion and removal of the Long-acting Reversible Contraceptives Mirena and Implanon.


Blood tests are an effective diagnostic tool when checking for infection or identifying disease processes which are difficult to confirm by clinical/medical examination alone. Some medical conditions or long-term medications necessitate the use of blood tests to make sure that your body is functioning well and to check for the need for changes in your prescription dosages etc.


The key to preventing cardiovascular disease is managing your risk factors. Regular cardiovascular screening is important because it helps you detect risk factors in their earliest stages. We conduct comprehensive physical examination and risk scoring, blood testing, ECGs, BP checks and 24 hour monitoring, weight management, lifestyle advice, and diabetes diagnosis and management 


An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test which measures the electrical activity of your heart to show whether or not it is working normally. It is a useful way to assess acute chest pain or for example, to check for complications related to high blood pressure.


Blood pressure is one of the most important screenings because high blood pressure usually has no symptoms so it can’t be detected without being measured. High blood pressure greatly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. A 24 hour monitor is the international gold standard for the diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure).  We offer a package that includes attending the practice twice over the course of 2 days.  The first visit involves having the 24 hour monitor attached and the process explained to you, then at your return visit the next day you will see the doctor again to have your result explained and any necessary treatment commenced.


Immunisations (vaccinations) are one of the most important ways of protecting individuals and the community from serious diseases. Most immunisations are given during childhood. Some are given more than once to make sure your child is fully immune to that particular disease – with each vaccination, the immune system creates a stronger response. We provide free Childhood Immunisations ( and annual seasonal Influenza and Pneumonia vaccination.  We also provide Tetanus boosters and a range of other vaccines.


To prevent infection, ear syringing may be recommended if your earwax blockage persists, even after using eardrops. It involves using a gently pressurised flow of lukewarm water to remove the build-up of earwax.  If you are attending for ear syringing, please use warm olive oil drops or wax-softening drops from the pharmacy several times a day for at least 3 days in advance. This will ensure the safety and effectiveness of the syringing process.


We cater for the health concerns of our male patients, from specific screening for conditions such as prostate and testicular cancer, diagnosis and management of urological problems such as scrotal lumps and erectile dysfunction, to general health advice on issues such as stress management, diet and exercise.


We offer the full range of tests for sexually transmitted diseases, commonly known as STDs or STIs. This service is fully confidential and results are fast.


People who are travelling outside Ireland may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases that are found in other parts of the world.

In Ireland, the childhood vaccination programme protects against a number of diseases, such as tetanus, but it does not cover most of the infectious diseases that are found overseas.

We provide expert travel health advice on vaccinations, malaria and disease prevention for travellers on business trips and holidays. Please advise us on the telephone when you call to make an appointment that you require a Travel Health consultation as we will provide a longer consultation time accordingly.


To make sure that warfarin is working safely and effectively in your body, you must have regular blood tests. The quick fingerprick test checks how long it takes for blood to clot so that your dose can be monitored and changed if necessary. 



We provide very effective wart and verruca treatment.  It is painless and usually only requires one visit to the surgery (although some large warts may require repeat visits).  This treatment is suitable for children.

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